Physicians CareConnection (PCC) is the umbrella organization of the Physicians Free Clinic, The Voluntary Care Network, OSU Eye Free Clinic, Preventative Colorectal Cancer Screening Initiative, and Dentist CareConnection. 

PCC has over 1100 volunteer physicians participating through the Monday night clinic and the Voluntary Care Network.

Services Provided

Physicians Free Clinic:   PCC operates a Monday night clinic from the 2nd floor of the Columbus Public Health Department on; 240 Parsons Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43215. The building sits at the Corner of Parsons and East Main Street.  Parking is free, and entry is through the rear entrance.

Hours of Operation: The clinic is open every Monday night (unless when closed for holidays recognized by the City of Columbus). Registration starts at 4:30 pm for both Medical and Dental services.

Services provided: Walk-in Primary care, Scheduled Specialty care, and Dental care.

Voluntary Care Network: A network of specialists providing voluntary care to PCC clients in their practices. Such services include OSU Eye Free Clinic operated from the Havener Eye Institute, Preventative Colorectal Cancer Screening Initiative provided by the Ohio Gastronterology Group, and Dentist CareConnection provided by volunteer dental professionals at the Columbus Public Health Department.