Patient Stories

Emory.jpg Step One for a Healthy Pregnancy: Mrs. Butler's Story

Mrs. Butler has a Master's in Education; however, at the time she found out she was pregnant, she was unemployed. She called Step One seeking prenatal care and expressed her concerns about the upcoming months to one of our Care Coordinators, Yphounne. Mrs. Butler said that when she called in, she was crying on the phone after having her pregnancy confirmed by Planned Parenthood. But Yphounne remained a calming presence for her. She proceeded to help her get approved for Medicaid and scheduled her with OSU's Pregnancy Clinic. Mrs. Butler soon gained employment with Planned Parenthood and is now and advocate for Step One for a Healthy Pregnancy.

Shortly after a few prenatal care appointments, Mrs. Butler received private insurance and was transferred to a private practice within OSU. She delivered a healthy baby boy, Emory, weighting 8 lbs. 7 oz. in November of 2016. She called to praise Yphounne for being a light in her life and to share some pictures of her BEAUTIFUL baby boy!


Physicians Free Clinic: "Everyone here is helpful, so nice."

“I used to live in New York City. There, if you were sick and you didn’t have money or insurance, there was a clinic you could go to through the government and they would make sure you were seen. They don’t have that here. I didn’t even know this place was even here until someone called to tell me I had an appointment with a specialty care doctor. Everyone here is helpful, so nice. Kathie—she’s amazing. That’s all I can say. Amazing. And Katie. They are just so professional. Today, [Kathie] saw I was struggling to breathe while she was taking my blood pressure and took me back and got me oxygen. She just knew, and she did it. The people here—they’re good. I knew I had lung problems, but I didn’t know how bad they were until I was seen. I didn’t want to have to be here, it’s hard. But I’m grateful. I used to have a job, but I can’t get one now because of my health. But Kathie and Katie and the doctors, they’ve all been great.”

Anonymous patient, 4/10/17

Voluntary Care Network: Dora's Story

Dora was referred to PCC in need of a consult with an Orthopedic provider. She had no insurance and had severe pain in her knee. Dora had gone to a local Emergency Room to  address her issue. From that visit, she was referred to an Orthopedic provider. Since she had no insurance, she had to fill out an application of financial assistance for services. After two visits to this provider, she was left in tears. She was told that without the ability to pay for services, there was not much that could be done for her. She was in excruciating pain because of her knee and she also felt very belittled by the provider.

Working with a PCC Care Coordinator, Dora provided all the information that was needed to coordinate her care with another Orthopedic provider, Orthopedic One, a part of the Voluntary Care Network for PCC. Within 24 hours, the PCC Care Coordinator sent documentation to Orthopedic One and an appointment was scheduled with Dr. Michael McShane, who determined that she needed to have a knee replacement. He volunteered to perform the surgery and she is currently undergoing physical therapy.

Dora is so happy and appreciative of the help. She called to express her extreme gratitude to the entire PCC staff as well as the staff at Orthopedic One, particularly Dr. McShane. She refers to the PCC Care Coordinator that helped her as her angel!