Justin Yu

Tell us about yourself and your family

My father is a consultant engineer in aviation and my mother runs a program at a Christian church. I have a younger brother who is currently attending college at the Ohio State University majoring in Biomedical Engineering. I have extended family living in Canada and South Korea.

Education background

I went to the Ohio State University and majored in Health and Rehabilitation Sciences with a minor in Biology.

Career path

My career path is to become a primary care physician specializing in family medicine. I plan to reach out towards people in low socio-economic areas.

How you came to be at the clinic

Before hearing about the clinic, I volunteered at Grant Medical Center in community partnerships working on data analysis. I heard of Physician’s Free Clinic from one of the employees and after hearing about how volunteers there have opportunities to get experience with patient interaction, I immediately got interested in it. Throughout my time at PFC, I’ve highly enjoyed serving and meeting/talking to a great variety of patients, especially after becoming a vision screener.

A story that you want to share that had an impact on your education/career/clinic path.

The shadowing experience I’ve had last year at a family practice clinic played a large role in my life. Along with getting a better understanding of the clinic process, the experience embedded an important value into my mind which was the rewarding feeling/gift of witnessing people improve drastically overtime. I was moved after hearing stories from patients on how they are finally able to do tasks they couldn’t do before meeting a primary care physician such as spending more time with family and being able to reach their goals within education/sports.