Chirag Thakker, RPh

Tell us about yourself and your family

I was married this year in India. 

Education background

Bachelors of Science from Chicago State University

Doctor of Pharmacy from The Ohio State University

Career path

I did my undergraduate at Chicago State University in Chicago. I am not a city dweller so wanted to move to a mid size town. and was impressed by the charm of OSU campus and what Columbus has to offer.  So I decided to pursue my Doctor of pharmacy at The Ohio State University. During my school years I had an opportunity to do my internship at Giant Eagle. During that internship I found out I liked being around people. Got a lot of opportunity to talk to patients about their medication. So decided to further my career into community pharmacy setting. At the moment, I lead a Giant Eagle Pharmacy in HIlliard.  

How you came to be at the clinic

I was introduced to PCC back in 2010 because we have to do community volunteer hours as a part of Curriculum at OSU. When I was at the Clinic first time, I was scared out of my mind because the clinic was busy and people running around in a small space. And as a first year pharmacy student I did not know much about pharmacy So i thought i was gonna do something wrong and mess up. But, I did not let that stop me. I came back to volunteer again and again because the feeling of satisfaction that I had after helping out patients was wonderful. It was also a great learning experience as well. I then continued as a pharmacy coordinator. As soon as I got my pharmacy license I emailed Paula and said hey I am a pharmacist now !! sign me up ! I have been a pharmacist volunteer since then. 

A story that you want to share that had an impact on your education/career/clinic path.

My educational journey was long and tough. I finished my high school education back home in India. Then I began my college education in chicago thousands of mile away from home. I did not have any extended family or connection so you can imagine the challenges that I was facing . But there were many individuals and families who helped me throughout. After I came to Columbus the same support continued from individuals and families that I did not know before. So I really appreciated that Care, love and support.  

Being a part of the clinic I get to pay that appreciation and gratitude forward. 

I would like to thanks PCC, Isi and team for allowing me to be the part of the team who provides such a great care !